Noun: The utilization of the laws governing matter and energy, to take a vision from pure imagination and to make it manifest in the external world.


You already know this…

There is a much greater aspect of you that is pleading to be allowed to emerge. A bolder, more powerful, creative and contributory YOU.

Envisioneering.Global exists to enable that emergence to take place. Our purpose is to empower you to step into your greatness,
to foster your self-actualization, and to provide you the tools and resources that will enliven that greater you.

Explore the site. Expand your horizons. Envisioneer your future. Expect success.
Learn how to create an abundance of everything you hold ideal in mind
and dear in heart. It is no accident that you are here right now.
You created this moment.
Open this door and step through into your potential.

What is Metamorphosis?