This is an invitation to soar into your greatness
and your power to transform the way the world envisions and creates the future.


The Ultimate Transformative Event

You already know this…

There exists a much greater aspect of you
that is pleading to be allowed to emerge.
A bolder, more powerful, creative and contributory YOU.

Which is why – you have read all the books, taken the courses,
attended the seminars and workshops, watched online videos,
signed up for coaching programs,
perhaps even spent time with shamans or gurus.

Yet, despite all the information you’ve found, the knowledge you’ve accumulated,
the experiences you’ve undergone, the insights you’ve had,
the techniques you’ve applied, the inner work you’ve done
and the dedication to your own self-actualization you have demonstrated…

You know, deep in your heart, that something is still missing…

That truly transcendent experience where it all comes together;

When profound self-realization occurs and you step into
the fullness of self and personal power.

“I have attended many seminars including Tony Robbins Life Mastery,
T Harv Eker, Quantum Leap, Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy, Greg Braden,
Joe Dispenza, Jack Canfield, John De Martini and many more.
The Multi-sensory, Multi-media, Multi-dimensional seminar that
Leslie Fieger presents is by far the most impactful event
that I have ever attended.”

~ Owen O’Malley, CEO TICN Ltd

The Metamorphosis Seminar has been created to provide you
with that truly transformative experience which will forever impact you
and propel you to the next level of self-actualization.

This revolutionary new experiential environment will enable you
to receive, process, retain and integrate more information than ever before;
more importantly, the profound content of this seminar will enable you
to make a real and permanent personal transformation
from creature consciousness to creator consciousness.

Now is the time, Metamorphosis is the environment and
Leslie Fieger is the Facilitator of your immanent shift into
higher dimensional awareness
and profound personal transformation.

Join Leslie Fieger in May 29, 30, 31 0f 2020
on the Costa Del Sol for the Metamorphosis event

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Enjoy the pools, the expansive beach, the inviting Mediterranean Sea,
the glorious sunsets, the sumptuous spa facilities,
the Spanish hospitality and food at the restaurants and bars of
the luxurious beach front IPV Palace & Spa

Be immersed in a seminar environment unlike anything you have ever experienced
with a group of like-minded individuals from around the world
who will become your new tribe.

Your seminar ticket includes:
Gala welcome dinner on Friday evening
Three nights accommodation
Sunday night celebration

“Leslie is a visionary leader, an open-hearted and direct communicator
who has a message to deliver to the world.
His depth and breadth of understanding of life principles provides a solid framework
to help people grow, achieve and develop more of who they want to be.
Leslie knows how to turn an event into an unforgettable experience.
He has an uncanny ability to raise the bar
in the domain of experiential learning.
Game changer.”

~ Jackie Woodside, CPC, LICSW. Bestselling author, coach and speaker

You will receive and integrate:

A deep inner knowing of your true essence;

An authentic understanding of how life really works;

Freedom from previous conditioning and self-limiting beliefs;

The ability to reset your programming;

The tried and true principles of conscious creation;

A direct personal connection to the source of all power;

An understanding of the metaphysical principles that underlie all creation

The real secret to manifestation and the keys to creating an abundant, prosperous and fulfilling life;

A lasting congruency of mental & emotional energy;

An integral grasp of the universal impetus to wholeness

Clarity of purpose;

And much, much more.

The world needs your greatness, your creativity, your contribution.
It is time to step into that greater you, the real you.

Come experience profound personal transformation and
connect with like-minded people from around the world.
Transform yourself AND your world.

You have known that this moment was coming. Now, it is here.
Everything you have already experienced has led you to this moment.
Your choice point.

Step into your greatness. Learn how to take control of your destiny.
Metamorphosis awaits you and the world awaits your Higher Self
and your greater contribution.

Join Leslie Fieger in 2020 on the Costa Del Sol for the Metamorphosis event
– Where YOUR Legacy Begins –

“I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to
work closely with some amazing teachers
including Deepak Chopra & Robin Sharma;
but I can safely say that the 3 day seminar spent with Leslie Fieger
was the most influential and transformative experience I have ever had.
I experienced clarity at a level never before understood and finally realized who I was
and how the world worked.
If you have ever had any questions about life – the answers are here.
My advice to everyone is don’t waste anymore time searching for answers –
fast track to Leslie’s next event
and bypass all the struggles towards truth.”

~ Ronan Rooney, Transpersonal Consultant & Trainer,
BA Philosophy & Applied Mathematics;
MSc Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology (Current)

This is
not a rah-rah motivational seminar.
This is
not a woo-woo new age prosperity workshop.
This is
not some rehash or cliché of a self help symposium.

This is The Master Key Experience that will unlock your full potential
and empower you to achieve self-actualization
and experience transcendence.

Metamorphosis is different from everything you have experienced.
You will be forever transformed.

Stop settling for less than you deserve.
Choose Now to Become, Enact and Attain Your Heart’s True Desire.
Metamorphosis Awaits You.

Your Legacy Begins Here.

Why You? Why Now?

It appears that the world around us is in a state of chaos and crisis.
Old geo-political systems are crumbling.
Old institutional systems are failing.
Old paradigms are falling apart. Old ways of thinking no longer serve
to solve the chaotic problems we appear to be undergoing and
the crisis seems beyond our ability to control or navigate.

But – consider this metaphor:

As the caterpillar is approaching the end of its life, it feels like it is in crisis.

And so it weaves its own burial shroud called a chrysalis
and dissolves into complete chaos. All of its old cellular structure dies.
Then, a miracle happens.

Imaginal cells begin to form in that chaos and soon the butterfly emerges.
The creature that was once limited to crawling on the ground
can now soar high above the ground and feed on the golden nectar of flowers.

A metamorphosis has occurred.

The science of it all is amazing:
The caterpillar lives a life of ravenous consumption
then finds a place to build its cocoon.

Inside this chrysalis,
the caterpillar, unable to move, dissolves into organic goop.

Cells, which had been dormant in the caterpillar,
and which biologists had the
poetic genius to name “Imaginal cells,”
begin a process of creating a new form and structure.

At first, these seeds of future potential, the imaginal cells
which contain the blueprint of the butterfly,
operate independently as single-cell organisms.

They are regarded as threats and are attacked by the caterpillar’s immune system.
But they persist, multiply, and connect with each other.

Eventually, these imaginal cells form clusters and begin resonating
at the same frequency and start passing information back and forth
until they hit a tipping point.

Suddenly, they start acting, not as discrete individual cells,
but as a multi-cell organism… and a butterfly is born.

The truly miraculous thing is that even though there is
NO structural similarity at all
between a caterpillar and a butterfly,
the DNA is exactly the same.

Imagine this :: Each of us has within us our own imaginal cells;
AND each of us is, in turn, an imaginal cell within human society.

Our apparent crisis is actually giving birth to a new world,
a new culture and a new stage of human development.

Are you ready to emerge from your cocoon?
Are you willing to have your personal imaginal cells ignited?
Are you willing to become an imaginal cell within the body of humanity
and serve to create the new human?

This is an invitation to soar into your greatness
and your power to transform the way the world envisions and creates the future.

Join Leslie Fieger in May 29, 30, 31 0f 2020
on the Costa Del Sol for the Metamorphosis event

Metamorphosis Awaits You.

The World Needs Your Creativity, Your Contribution, Your Commitment.

It is time to emerge from your chrysalis and spread your wings.

Your Legacy Begins Here.