People Empowered. Lives Changed.


Isabelle Sennery

“This will appear excessive to many but what I am sharing here is my truth. When looking back in time, revisiting some of the crossroads while travelling life”s journey, there is no doubt in my heart that the most significant, in terms of personal growth, was attending and participating in Leslie”s live seminar back in October 1998.

I walked through a door one Friday evening and by the time I walked out on the Sunday night, my life had changed forever. What Leslie and his team had put together was not only a personal development event with a difference; it was a catalyst for deep inner transformation.

Never once in the past 20 years did I complete a week without referring to either the material written by Leslie, or the teachings and tools I acquired because of his work. To this day, I have not met anyone that can shed light on the natural but complex laws that govern our lives the way Leslie does.”


Owen O’Malley


“The 3 day seminar experience with Leslie Fieger has been, without doubt, the most profound experience of my life.

I have attended many seminars including, Tony Robbins Life Mastery, T Harv Eker, Quantum Leap, Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy, Greg Braden, Joe Dispenza, Jack Canfield, John De Martini and many more. The Multi-sensory, Multi-dimensional seminar that Leslie Fieger presents is by far the most impactful event that I have ever attended.

Leslie Fieger has an uncanny ability to take the most complex quantum physical concepts and distil them into clear understandable nuggets of wisdom that will stay with you, and powerfully impact you for the rest of your life.”



Declan Dowling

“Since my first 3 day multi-media, multi sensory seminar in Long Beach, California to the 7 day seminars in Sedona & Hawaii I now implement the principles of abundance, prosperity & gratitude on a daily basis.

This brings great joy into my life and I like to believe I inspire others to step into that realm too by passing on the lessons I’ve learned & continue to learn from Leslie.

Grasping the BIG lessons from the BE, DO, HAVE concepts & implementing the tools have transformed me from a creature of circumstances to a creator of circumstances & an ever evolving multifaceted human being.

Gratitude & appreciation for being that catalyst of transformation Leslie Fieger, long may you continue to inspire!”


Caroline Swatton

“What seems to be a lifetime ago now I first heard of the Delfin programme.

I loved the tapes, as they were back then, based on the Master Key. I would listen in my car when doing the school run or going to the pool, I particularly loved to have my children listening to them. I was soon ready for the next stage of the incredible Delfin journey and boy, did it blow people’s socks off.

I arrived in Atlanta, on my own, leaving my husband and four children behind, a massive step in its own right. I registered for the seminar and eagerly, and nervously awaited the start.

8 am the next day the doors opened. The room had 3 giant screens and was draped in dark cloth with lights twinkling. The music was sensational! It was a true multi-sensory experience.

When my youngest was six and eldest 12, we took all 4 to the seminar and they learned so much.

I have always told anyone and everyone Delfin Seminar is by far the best Personal Development programme I have ever had the pleasure to attend. The way in which it was presented was second to none and the fact that all 5 senses were engaged was nothing short of brilliant.”


New Zealand

Glenda Law

“Attending the Delfin three day seminar at Twin Waters on the Sunshine Coast, Australia made a remarkable impact on my life and personal relationships. The seminar was truly one of the most profound positive weekends I have ever spent, showing me my place in the world and reinforcing my core beliefs and values.

Using skills learned and with the understanding of the dramatic effects of multi-sensory practices coupled with my own knowledge and writing acumen I spent the following four months creating my own seminar. I have had impressive results bringing people bereaved by a loved one’s suicide through the stages of grief to where they become able to carry on with their own lives in a peaceful and productive way instead of the sad and devastating event being the prime focus of their own life.

This would never have eventuated without the massive impact that Leslie Fieger and his extraordinary insight and talent brought to my life and all who attended the seminar and who absorbed the wonderful Delfin Trilogy. Grateful.”


Ronan Rooney

Transpersonal Consultant & Trainer
BA Philosophy & Applied Mathematics
MSc Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology (current)

“I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to work closely with some amazing teachers including Deepak Chopra & Robin Sharma but I can safely say that the 3 day seminar spent with Leslie Fieger was the most influential and transformative experience I have ever had.

Leslie taught me so much with the depth and clarity of his teachings but even more than that he opened me up to seek out more. He is an expert on releasing the ties that bind us to our limiting conditioned habits that stunt our personal development and expression.

The highly effective methods he uses in his seminar to impart this knowledge is immediately inspiring and motivating. The audio, visual and other sensory effects are phenomenal. Its like being at a personal development seminar and rock concert at the same time such is the elevation and elation. His personal style of presentation is refreshing, pure and devoid of Ego, deeply profound and immersed in universal truth.

I experienced clarity at a level never before understood and finally realized who I was and how the world worked. You get it at an immediate conscious level and then interestingly the depth of the material is embedded in the subconscious to be uncovered when ready in tandem with ones own personal development.

If you have ever had any questions about life the answers are here. My advice to everyone is don’t waste anymore time searching for answers – fast track to Leslie’s next event and bypass all the struggles towards truth.”



Jackie Woodside

“Leslie is a visionary leader, an open-hearted and direct communicator who has a message to deliver to the world. His depth and breadth of understanding of life principles provides a solid framework to help people grow, achieve and develop more of who they want to be. It has long been my pleasure to be both a student and colleague of Leslie Fieger.

Leslie knows how to turn an event into an unforgettable experience. He has an uncanny ability to raise the bar in the domain of experiential learning. There are moments I experienced at his previous seminars that have stayed with me nearly 20 years later. Game changer.”